Covid-19, Social Distancing and Staying Sane. Advice from a Pilates Instructor.

I know I’m about to go bonkers and just about to blow my lid as I face 2 weeks off (so far) and so unsure about where this is all headed. When I realized that I have absolutely no control over the world economy, our national economy, state nor city economy, nor even my own economic health at this very moment. I have determined that the only true control I have is over myself.That is the power to make decisions and hopefully the right ones for myself, my love ones, my community and my country.

I decided to take the advise I would give my clients. So consequently I have been taking amazingly great care of myself. I have been getting more sleep and this is something I have been working on for ages. I have been cooking for myself daily and it has had such a positive effect on my health and digestion. I have not stopped taking my weekly runs nor my daily walks, for without them I would be truly lost. The snacking may kill me though. I am doing Pilates on the Cadillac in my living room as well as using my foam roller. My boogie board is my new best friend and burpies and lunges are all serving me well.

I have always wanted to learn how to type and by-golly here is my chance. I have my new typing program and I have been practicing every day while improving significantly. Spring cleaning has started with a vengeance . Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, window sills, carpets are all getting a thorough detailed cleaning. I certainly have plenty of time ! I’ve also have had plenty of time to organize and time to write, read and play with my Xbox. Other than having no human contact except with my running partner and best friend this has been a glorious time for me. Seriously ! Having time to do all the things I have almost ever wanted and never seemed yo have time to do!

Finally, giving has been a blessing for me. Knowing there are people who were already struggling before Covid-19 and the bottom is falling out for many. Giving helps me feel like I have some control over our “collective” health and wellness, because we are not in this alone. Food Lifeline is my organization of choice.

So here you go my list for “How to Stay Sane” during this incredibly stressful time. Good luck to all of you. Stay in touch with your friends and family and me!

  • Get your exercise. You may have to get very inventive but it makes a difference
  • Eat well, learn news ways to cook, experiment. Lets take it easy on the snacks
  • No time like the present for Spring Cleaning
  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or learn? Do It !
  • Save time for Face Time, Skype, Zoom or the telephone to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and clients.
  • Give so others can survive. It’s all about karma…….!
  • Make the right choices for yourself and everyone else.

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