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My Testimonial

I had been overworking, eating poorly, drinking more than I should and not getting enough sleep. My mother had also recently died and the weight of the her death was finally sinking in. I was dragging. I was forgetting things, like which exercise comes next in the mat order or repeating an exercise I had already done. I truly thought that this was it. My age was catching up to me and dementia was on the way. Enter Gay Marcontell ! A Nutritional Therapist and owner of Wind Shift Nutrition.She asked if I wanted to try out her services and I thought,”well yes, what can I lose?” Perhaps this is just the thing I need. I had no idea at the time how right I was about the decision and that I would celebrate this decision later.

I filled out legions of paper work to get a base line on my digestion and eating habits. We talked about “digestion” and ways to increase the bodies ability to digest. She palpated all of my organs to determine what organs were under stress. She reminded me of a modern day Shaman or something. Her touch was sensitive and true. I had some discomfort in some place and pain in others. After getting the results of my questionnaire and from the palpation session she discovered several problems she could see that we would work on. I also felt like I was in the right place.

Our next meeting was totally enlightening. It appears that the coffee with sugar and pastries I ate and drank each morning was catching up to me. Also I wasn’t drinking enough water. I was dehydrated. My eating habits were not as good as I thought they were. My adrenals were under attack and the symptoms were numerous. Who in the hell is responsible for teaching us how to eat properly. Our parents? Who taught them? My point being is that we all need instruction on proper diet and we deserve the right information on nutrition.

6 week Plan: No caffeine, no sugar, no dairy ! No eating late. Eat Breakfast. Make lunch my biggest most substantial meal. Take a moment before meals to appreciate the food and quite the mind (some people call this prayer). Sit down for meals.Take time for mindfulness. None of these things were complicated. All extremely simple. What was amazing was after a week my short-term memory began to get clearer. I was astounded. I was sleeping much better. I seemed to be getting more out my exercising with better recovery. Into my second week my high normal blood pressure began to lower. My resting heart rate began to lower. My skin got creamier. And I know I’m repeating myself but my clarity and mental acuity sharpened and I was no longer searching for things that I would find almost right in front of my face. (Thank you Lord) My energy levels also became much more even. And this was just the 1st phase.

2nd phase: 30, 30 40
30 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fats and 40 percent protein. It appears in my diet I wasn’t getting enough protein. Protein is so important in building and maintaining muscle. I still am working on getting the ratio’s right but as I move forward it does get easier. And I understand that good eating habits take a while to form. It doesn’t just happen but becomes into being as you become more consistent and have a better understanding of how your body works and responds to food. Foods seems to be either a great cure or a horrible curse. And the decisions I make today effect me down the road.

But enough about me and more about Gay. She knows what she’s doing. She has the skills to direct you in your nutritional goals. I urge you to connect with her. To all my friends out there this is a personal referral to someone who can help. She certainly has helped me. But you have to take the first step. As a Pilates instructor I’d like to take 100% credit for my clients health and great looks. The only problem is I can only give you about 20% of this equation. The other 80% comes from “proper nutrition”.

To contact Gay click on her web page link at WindShift Nutrition

hr chart rz
My Blood Pressure Graph Shows a 5 month steady decline in blood pressure


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